Just a little bit about Tactical.com

The owners of tactical.com have spent the better part of the past decade developing websites – we let our domain names and websites do the talking.  While we are a business, our bottom line has never been our number one priority.  We’ve found that by developing great websites with rich content and an amazing user experience, that traffic will come naturally.  It’s because of this we strive to develop the best website in any niche we enter.

Tactical.com was originally founded in 2010 by its CEO Michael Jackness.  The company was originally called Terran Marketing, but was later renamed to Tactical.com, since we felt this name better explained who we are.  We truly take a “tactical” approach to buying domain names, building websites, delivering the best possible user experience, and producing a powerful ROI on our investments.  In 2013 the company took on another transformation when Grant Yuan officially partnered with the company.

Tactical.com Executive Team:

Michael Jackness

Michael Jackness – CEO

Michael got his start in the tech industry back in 1996 when he started his own computer consulting business called Discount Computer Consultants.  Years later, one of his customers hired him full time to run their IT department.  He held that position for 7 years until he founded Protos Marketing, which specialized in online poker affiliate marketing.  In 2010 Michael started Terran Marketing (which was later renamed Tactical.com) to take part in more “traditional” affiliate marketing spaces.  Since then Tactical.com has expanded into ecommerce sites and is trending away from affiliate marketing.

Grant Headshot

Grant Yuan – CTO

Grant has been tinkering with computers since he could walk, first learning to code BASIC on a Compaq x86 with a five inch monitor. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Informatics, Grant started an SEO development company and became a leading producer in one of the most competitive internet industries. Grant switched gears later with the launch of ChefSeattle.com, a local restaurant portal, then once again by joining Protos Marketing as CTO. In 2013, Grant teamed up with Mike just in time for the new rebrand to Tactical.com.